Obscured by Clouds

  • New DVD Release
    Obscured by Clouds
    live performance includes
    two new songs


Our live band features Weikart on vocals, guitars, and synthesizers, and is fleshed out by Kevin Cozad (piano, synthesizers), Sandin Wilson (bass), Merrill Hale (drums), and Matthew Bradley (guitars).  In all of our forms we’ve played shows from Seattle all the way down to Los Angeles at The Whisky A Go Go!  We’ve worked with great musicians like: Reinhardt Melz (drums), Phil Baker (bass), Bob Raymond (drums), Ray Woods (synthesizers), Ian Wengs (bass), Roger Feible (conga), Jeff Norton (drums) and Thee Slayer Hippie (Paging Dr. Hanford) (drums).  Also, thanks to Chip Butters (live recording/mixing) and Nick Moon (recording/mixing).

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Obscured By Clouds new album “Psycheclectic” produced, written, and recorded by William Weikart (lyrics, vocals, guitars, synthesizers, special-effects).  Also featuring: Kevin Cozad (piano, synthesizers), Phil Baker (bass), Thee Slayer Hippy (drums/recording), Ben Brown (bass), Siq (sitar) – create a unique blend of resonance and transcendence on the debut official release of Obscured By Cloud.


Obscured By Clouds DVD:

New Live DVD